System Requirements:

Memory (RAM): 4 GB
Disk Space: 1 GB

Step 1:

  • Installation is easy thanks to the dashboard! Head on over to the dashboard to download!

Step 2:

  • Once there, find the download section as pictured below.

  • As you will be downloading for a Windows machine, click on the Windows icon to begin installation.

Step 3:

  • Go and ahead and click the prism-setup.exe folder to get started. This can be found by heading to file explorer -> downloads  and double-clicking the Prism download.

Step 4:

  • A security window may open when opening the installer. Go ahead and click run to proceed with the installation. 

Step 5:

  • Proceed with the setup by following the on-screen instructions. 

Step 6:

  • After proceeding through the couple steps, you should see the screen below. 

If you see that, that means everything should be all ready to go!

Step 7:

  • Click on finish and if you have the "Run PrismAIO" box checked, PrismAIO should open! You will be presented with the login screen.

Step 8:

  • In order to access the bot, login using the same email and password that you use to login to the dashboard. If everything is correct, PrismAIO will open and you will be presented with the bot!

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