Monitor inputs are what PrismAIO uses when searching a website's sitemap to checkout a product.

For the Shopify Module, you will mainly be using the following inputs:


If you are searching for the Yeezy 350 Zyon on a Shopify store, this is an example of a keyword group that you might run on a shopify store. 
Place a (+) before every word that you want the bot to search for and place a (-) before every word that you want the bot to ignore. 
You can also use keyword groups to search for multiple different keyword sets independently such as the picture below:
<a href="/>
If you have an early link or would like to run a link for restocks, you can input the full item link into the monitor input. PrismAIO will automatically recognize the product url and indicate above.


Variants are another monitor input found on the backend of a Shopify store that matches to a specific item and size. For example, the variant in the picture above matches up with the Yeezy 350 Yecheil size 10.5 on Kith.
Variants are usually provided by cook groups and used to run restock tasks. They are slightly quicker than the other Shopify monitor inputs.
You can input multiple variants on separate lines such as the picture below and just indicate the size on each task that you create within that group.

Each module has different formats for the monitor input. Please visit the individual module guides for a better understanding of the correct formatting.

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