Shopify checkout modes are used in order to help increase success on specific site. PrismAIO currently supports 3 checkout modes:

  • Fast

  • Safe

  • Safe Restock

  • Restock


Fast mode is best utilized on sites that drop products without bot protection. In order to get the most out of fast mode, it is best to run with variants for the product or with a direct link. Fast mode is the fastest mode for shopify.


Safe mode is best utilized on sites that drop products with bot protection. Safe mode is designed to pass Shopify bot protection while acting like a "human". Safe mode will ALWAYS preload now and automatically determine not to preload if there's a password page up. This is best used for initial drops that have bot protection enabled.

Safe Restock:

Safe Restock mode is best utilized for sites where the products/variants are already loaded but you know the site will have bot protection up (such as Shoe Palace and Shop Nice Kicks). Also, use this for restocks where the product has already been released, but the site is known to use bot protection for restocks.


Restock mode is best utilized for products/variants that are already loaded but the site does not have bot protection up. For example, when you see Kith checkpoint turn off (by checking the discord channel #checkpoint-password), you can switch your tasks to this mode.

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