Part 1: Setting Up a Webhook

  • A Slack webhook is used to not only see PrismAIO success, but also required to receive PayPal checkout links.

Step 1:

  • Create your own Slack Workspace by clicking the "+ - Add workspaces" Icon the left-hand side of your slack application

Step 2:

  • Once you have created your new workspace, you should be on the homepage for the workspace in your internet browser.

  • Scroll to the bottom and locate the "+ Add Applications" button.

  • Locate the application "incoming Webhooks" and add it to your workspace

Step 3:

  • Once the application has been added, click on the application and go to the settings tab to edit your configuration.

  • Pick a channel that the app will post to, then click Authorize.

Step 4:

  • You can finally click generate in the Webhook URL box to generate your slack webhook link.

  • Copy and paste that same link into appropriate box in the PrismAIO settings tab.

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