Phillips Hue integration allows PrismAIO users to sync their Phillips Hue lighting systems to PrismAIO. Every time you successfully checkout, your lights will flash green. Any time you get a failure, the lights will flash red.

Although this does not enhance performance in any way, it is a fun and exciting way to interact with PrismAIO.

In order to set up the Phillips Hue Integration, you must first have the following items:

1) Phillips Hue Enabled Lights

2) Phillips Hue Bridge

To get started, go to the settings -> general -> then locate the Phillips Hue button shown in the picture below:

Once selected the following window will pop up.

Make sure your Phillips Hue Bridge is next to you and then press the connect button.

Next, press the sync button on your Phillips Hue Bridge. If successful, the Hue button should change colors. We recommend you restart PrismAIO after pairing to ensure that you were successful in the pairing.

Please note that this will only work when your Phillips Hue Bridge is on the same wifi network as the device you are running PrismAIO on.

If you are having trouble pairing, please check this list for troubleshooting options:

  • Try repeating the pairing process

  • Make sure Hue Bridge is on

  • Disconnect from any VPN or proxy from the device you are trying to pair to.

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