Nanoleaf integration allows PrismAIO users to sync their Nanoleaf lighting systems to PrismAIO. Every time you successfully checkout, your lights will flash green. When you boot up PrismAIO, it will change to the color purple.

Please note that your Nanoleaf will not restore its state once it changes green for success. To reset your Nanoleaf to the boot-up purple color, you will have to restart Prism.

Although this does not enhance performance in any way, it is a fun and exciting way to interact with PrismAIO.

In order to set up the Nanoleaf Integration, you must first find the IP address of your Nanoleaf system by going into your router administrator dashboard/settings.

Each internet provider might have a different way to access the administrator dashboard for their router so please refer to your router's guide. Here is a basic tutorial video as an example:

Once you have identified the IP address of your Nanoleaf system, you are now ready to turn your Nanoleaf system into pairing mode. To do this, follow the instructions below:

1) Press and hold down the Effect Select and Power buttons on the controller for about 10 seconds, until the LED on the controller begins flashing.

2)Release the two buttons and the LED on the controller will remain on and steady

After your Nanoleaf is in pairing mode, go to the settings tab which is the gear icon located on the left-hand side of the bot. Make sure you are on the general tab and locate the Nanoleaf button.

Next, click on the Nanoleaf button. Then type in the IP address of your Nanoleaf system that we found earlier. The pairing and connect process should be done relatively close to each other in timing. If successfully paired, the Nanoleaf button should change colors. We recommend you restart PrismAIO after pairing to ensure that you were successful in the pairing.

Please note that this will only work when your Nanoleaf is on the same wifi network as the device you are running PrismAIO on.

If you are having trouble pairing, please check this list for troubleshooting options:

  • Try repeating the pairing process

  • Make sure you have the correct IP address of your Nanoleaf system.

  • Disconnect from any VPN or proxy from the device you are trying to pair to.

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