• In order to start creating these tasks, you need to create a new task group. This can be done by navigating to the "Tasks" tab in the bot and clicking on "New Task Group +". From there, name your group to the name of your choice and choose which site you will want to run on. There are two options: Supreme EU which is for the EU drop and Supreme US which is for the US drop.

Example of Creating A Task Group:

Setting up your Task group inputs:

  • From there, you will want to use keywords provided by our release guides or a third-party. Using a direct link will not work.

  • The release guides will also include which category each product will show up in. Make sure to select the right category or else your keywords may not pick up or check out the wrong product.

  • Next, choose the monitor proxy list that you would like to use. Make sure that these are unbanned and try to use unbanned DCs as they will pick-up the products quicker than residential proxies.

  • Enter the monitor delay that you would like to use. Please refer to the specific Supreme release guides on the suggested delays as they might change each week.

  • Finally, choose the source of how your captchas will be solved for this task group. We recommend using "Default" which will use the in-bot harvesters since speed is of the essence on Supreme. Make sure that your harvesters have been changed to Supreme in the settings tab and that they are open before the drop.

Creating tasks within the task group:

To begin creating tasks in the task group, you will want to navigate to the "+" icon to create a task. Upon clicking on that icon, a menu will be prompted to choose your profiles, error delay, task quantity, checkout delay, color of product, checkout proxy, and sizes. Also in task creation, you will see a Browser toggle that is used to create Browser mode tasks. Here is a description of what each input does:

  • Profiles: Choose which profile you would like to checkout with

  • Delay: This is the error delay for each task that you would like to use.

  • Task Qty: This allows you to select the quantity of the specific item you would like to checkout on one profile. Usually, this should always be set to 1 since Supreme limits one item per person, but some items have released before that allow you to checkout 2 per person, etc.

  • Checkout Delay: This is the delay that each task uses before finalizing the checkout process. Supreme's anti-bot system will give you declines or payment failures if you checkout too fast on the site. Please refer to each week's release guide on what the best-recommended delay is.

  • Colors: If you would like to run for a specific color, enter the color name in this box. Only the color name should go in this box and the + is not needed before the color name.

  • To enter in multiple colors, just separate each color with a comma. Please refer to the picture below for an example.

  • If you would like to check out a random color, enter in any

  • Mode: Here you have the option to choose browser safe & browser normal. We suggest your tasks be 70% browser safe / 30% browser normal for best results. Browser safe has been more consistent recently.

  • Proxy: Choose which proxy you want to use for each task when checking out. If you want to run on local IP, leave this blank and do not select any proxy list.

  • There is no recommended amount as each person's system has different specs. A good way to test what your system can handle is to open up the activity monitor on your computer and run some test tasks. If your CPU/RAM usage isn't overloaded, then that amount of tasks should be okay to run.

  • Sizes: Enter the size or sizes that you would like to checkout.

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