Does Supreme ban information?

  • Yes, they do ban information. To counter this, you can only rune ONE task per profile. Any more, and your information will get banned. Also, if you are not using unique info they will cancel your orders and multiple cancels can result in a profile ban.

Does Supreme ban proxies?

  • Yes, they will ban proxies if you are heavily abusing them. On drop time, you are allowed to run 500ms delays if you have an adequate amount of proxies but if you continue to run without raising your delays, your proxies might get banned.

  • Recently, Supreme has been implementing their own proxy protection during initial release times. Your proxies may be able to access the site, but will get declined at checkout. To combat this, we recommend running some tasks on your local IP (if you're not on a server) and run the rest of your tasks with either tested unbanned datacenter proxies that work or unbanned residential proxies.

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