Once you have created your task group and entered in your monitoring settings you are now ready to create individual tasks for the site selected.

To create a task, click on the + symbol which is highlighted in the picture below:

Once clicked on, a pop up will appear which allows you to customize your tasks:

Here is a description of what each custom setting means:


  • Choose from any billing profile that you have created. By choosing a billing profile, you are attempting to checkout an item using that information.

Profile Group:

  • By clicking on the "profile group" you will be able to access a drop-down menu of profile groups you have created in the Profiles tab. When you are finished entering in your settings and press create, Prism will create whatever task quantity you created per profile in the group. For example, if you have 5 profiles in one group and enter in 2 for task quantity, you will create a total of 10 tasks.


  • This is the error delay for the specific task you are attempting to create. This determines how long the task will wait before attempting to retry to checkout. This value is in milliseconds. Please refer to each specific module guide on the recommended values.

Task Qty:

  • This value is shorthand for Task Quantity. It determines how many tasks you want to create with the selected settings.

Proxy List:

  • Click on this box for a drop-down menu of the proxy lists that you have already entered into PrismAIO via the proxies tab.


  • Click on this box for a drop-down menu of various different sizes. You can click on multiple sizes to have the task attempt to checkout between the various sizes selected.

Size Group:

  • By clicking on the size group option, you can quickly select a size group that was already created in the settings tab.

Custom Size:

  • Although the list of sizes provided by the bot is extensive, sometimes you may want to enter a custom task. Click on the "Custom Size" option to be able to type in any size you wish.

Item Qty:

  • This value is shorthand for Item Quantity. It determines how many of a specific item you would like to add to cart before checking out. This is beneficial for websites that allow a specific person to checkout multiple quantities of an item.


  • This option is not found in every module. In the Shopify module, you can select between Fast, Safe, and Safe Preload. Please refer to the Shopify module guide for further recommendations on which mode to use on specific websites.


  • For modules that require accounts, you can click on this box to choose one of the accounts that you have already entered in the settings tab.

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