Offspring is a site that often conducts raffles for their hyped shoes, but on occasion, they will drop pairs on the site. When they do drop, most of the time it is at a completely random time. Office is their sister site, exactly the same in terms of flow.


Do Offspring / Office ship worldwide?

  • They ship to many countries, including the United States, but often shipping is very expensive ($55ish to the United States). But please check with a test task or manually to confirm that they ship to your location.

What time do they drop?

  • Drops are almost random (shock drop). Sometimes they are early in the morning or even late at night. Stay connected to the Offspring monitor provided in the Discord or refer to your cook group's monitor instead.

What sizes do they drop?

  • Both sites typically drop in UK sizes so make sure you are going for the proper US size that you want.

Can I use the same proxies at the same time if i am running both Offspring and Office?

  • We do not recommend doing this from our own testing. If you are running both sites at the same time, please use different proxies.

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