What is Shopify bot protection?

  • Shopify's bot protection often consists of a checkpoint captcha, checkout captcha, and requiring the user to run a safe mode when checking out. Sometimes they will enable proxy throttling which will effect a lot of proxies ability to add to cart and checkout.

Does Shopify cancel?

  • Many shopify sites are very strict on orders with sites like Kith being the most strict.

What type of proxies should I run?

  • ISP are recommended as they have the highest chance of passing proxy protection.

Does AYCD/2Cap/CapMonster/Anti-Cap work for Shopify?

  • No. Only local harvesters work for Shopify.

What does it say "Uses Task Proxy"?

  • In order to pass anti-bot, the harvester uses the task proxy. That is why you are unable to add a proxy to the harvester.

Custom Shopify:

How to setup a custom site?

  • A custom site can be setup by clicking the "Custom Site (Shopify)" button which can be found when creating a task group. From there you will need to add the host URL. The host url is the main page for the site. For example, if you wanted to add https://www.prismaio.com/dashboard, the host url would be https://www.prismaio.com.

How do I use accounts on custom shopify?

  • This can be done by first creating a task group for the custom shopify site. After that has been created, you can then go to the accounts tab in the settings tab of the bot and add your accounts there.

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