Do you support 3DS (3D Secure) card?

Yes we do. For cards, we currently support Revolut, Monzo, and Curve. We also support all non-3DS cards, along with PayPal checkout.

Does Offspring / Office ship worldwide?
They do. But check manually first to see what shipping costs for your region are as they can be quite expensive

How do I checkout more than 1 with PayPal?
You can use the same PayPal for each checkout, just use different profiles consisting of unique names and emails when creating your tasks. Note: some people have reported no issues with checking out on the same email and name.

What delays should I run?
Both Offspring and Office have a tendency to ban proxies so running higher delays, 4000+, is recommended. The default delay tends to yield good success.

What proxies should I use?
Residential proxies are recommended.

Should I run PayPal or Credit Card Checkout?
During the typical Offspring / Office drop, their credit card payment processor crashes and allows no credit card payments to go through. We have added a fallback for this so if your credit card can not checkout, it will resort to PayPal.

Can I use the same proxies at the same time if i am running both Offspring and Office?

We do not recommend doing this from our own testing. If you are running both sites at the same time, please use different proxies.

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