When do I start tasks?

  • Start tasks when CloudFlare is enabled. We will announce in the discord when Cloudflare is enabled.


  • Monitor: 3500

  • Task: 3500, drop to 1000 right before the drop or when all tasks are on countdown.

How do I know if CloudFlare is enabled?

  • If you navigate to Hibbett on a new Chrome user and see the image below, CloudFlare is enabled.

What does "Failed to solve CF" mean?

  • If you see this status, restart tasks. It means it was unable to solve the CloudFlare challenge. That is the same thing as being stuck on this step if you were to go manually:

Does Hibbett cancel?

  • Typically Hibbett does not cancel but if they suspect you of reselling, they will ban your address.

What type of proxies should I run?

  • Residential proxies are the best as they have very strong proxy protection. Just note, Hibbett will use a ton of data.

What is the difference between the scheduling time and the drop time?

  • Scheduling a task tells the task when to start. The drop time tells a task when to start submitting payment.

Do I have to solve captchas?

  • No. There are no captchas that you have to solve. Prism solves all the captchas by itself.

Why are my tasks stuck on "Solving PX Captcha"?

  • Tasks that are stuck on solving px captcha mean that the proxies you are using are banned and are not able to pass solving px captcha. The only way to fix this is to use new proxies.

When does Hibbett restock?

  • Hibbett restocks on a very consistent pattern. Typically, Hibbett restocks at :15, :17, :35, :37 or in 30 minute increments from those listed times. Another way to see what item is restocking is through the public checkout logger.

How do I get Hibbett variants?

  • Unless provided by staff, or n outside group, Hibbett variants are not easy to get so we do not provide support on how to get them. If there is a product you would like variants for, please ask in the support channel in the Discord.

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