This is where you can input the webhook you would like to send your checkouts to. Simply input the webhook link and press save. For guides on how to create webhooks, refer to the Setting tab of the documentation. You can test and make sure your webhook is correct with the button to the right labeled "Test" which will send an example message. Underneath is the toggle for whether you want to send a webhook for failures. Please view the individual guides that we provide to get step-by-step instructions on how to set one up.

Checkout Sound:

Here is where you can view the file path of your chosen checkout sound. Underneath, there are buttons that give you the option of importing one of your own checkout sounds and playing your checkout sound to test it. Select the toggle underneath to choose whether you want your checkout sound to play upon success. These sounds must be in .mp3 format.

3rd Party Integrations:

PrismAIO has support for Hue and Nanoleaf light systems, here is where you can link your device. Please view the individual guides that we provide to get step-by-step instructions on how to set one up.

Site Options:

This is the area where you can create site-specific defaults for quicker task creation. The example in the photo shows the user selecting an example profile, range of sizes 7-8, and a demonstration proxy list for Kith. After clicking save, this user would find that immediately after creating a task group for kith, these defaults were automatically loaded in without the need to select them. You can also use a default profile group for mass task creation and default, size groups, as well as using a custom size as default.

Size Groups:

Here is where you can create a group of sizes that you commonly use to speed up your task creation process. This is useful when running for sneaker drops of brands where often some sizes are more profitable than others. Simply name the group something which easily identifies the sizes, choose the range of sizes and press save. When next creating a task where the group could be used, just click "group" in the profile section of the task creation menu and select it from there.

Shipping Rates:

Here is where you can input shipping rates to speed up your checkout process. Simply click "Create" and think of a name to obviously label the shipping rate to avoid confusion (for example Kith Atlanta Shipping Rate to label the shipping rate kith usually charge for Atlanta) and then input the rate below, and press save. You can also generate your own shipping rates using a product URL and a profile's address, but make sure to select a similar item for the shipping rate as the product you are running for, to make sure they couldn't be put in different price ranges due to their weight (for example, if you are running for Yeezy's, use the shipping rate from another pair of sneakers.)


Here is where you can input accounts for sites that may require them. Simply Select which site you are inputting the account for, and input the login and password for the account. You can also mass input by selecting the "mass input" inside the account creation popup, choosing the site and mass entering multiple accounts in the format:




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