Before reading this guide, please read over the general Footsite guides which can be found here. Once you have followed those guides and have created your task group, you are ready to change the settings to the optimized restock ones.


  • Monitor Delay: 8000+

  • Task Delay: 5000


  • Highly recommend running datacenter proxies to monitor and running residential proxies for tasks. If you do not have access to unlocked ISPs, we recommend not running 24/7 and wait until you see that they are restocking.


  • For restocks you can use third-party solutions like 2Captcha, AntiCaptcha, CapMonster, etc.

  • You can also use "Rotate Proxy" to avoid DataDome captchas. You CANNOT use rotate if it is a restock where queue is up.


If I use Residential proxies as my TASK proxies, will they use data while monitoring?

  • They will not as long as they are on "Waiting for Product" or "Waiting for Restock." But as soon as the product is picked up it will begin to use the proxies that are assigned to your tasks. The proxies in the monitor will be used to monitor the product so data usage may apply.

Why am I seeing "IP Banned"?

  • IP banned occurs when the bot continues to try and add a product to the cart but the product page has been pulled. It is just a page ban that can be resolved by restarting tasks.

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