What sites have DataDome enabled?

  • Foot Locker US

  • Foot Action

  • Champs Sports

  • Eastbay

  • Kids Foot Locker

  • Footlocker CA

What is DataDome?

  • DataDome is footsites newest form on antibot. With DataDome, proxies play a crucial role in success. DataDome utilizes GeeTest captcha to enforce their antibot.

Why are good proxies so important now?

  • With DataDome, they are monitoring a variety of factors but two of the biggest ones are the quality of the IP and the amount of requests that IP is making. If you are using poor proxies, DataDome will force your task to solve a captcha. Also, if you are sending too many requests to the site in a short time your tasks will be prompted with captcha.

Should I use ISP/DC or residential proxies?

  • With DataDome enabled, certain ISP proxies are more likely to need a captcha than residential proxies. When running residential proxies, users are often able to generate thousands of proxies which can help avoid bans. With that though, we recommend running a mixture of both for the time being.


If a proxy is of poor quality or is banned, a captcha is required in order for the task to view the product page and add to cart.

Do I need to have captcha harvesters open?

  • No. Prism will automatically solve any GeeTest captchas that come.

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