AutoSolve by AYCD is a product that aids in solving captchas. For more information on it, refer to their site which can be found here.

AYCD Toolbox + AutoSolve are NOT FREE products and both require subscriptions. To purchase, head over to their site.

Setting Up AutoSolve:

BEFORE proceeding, please review ALL the guides provided by AYCD.

  • After successfully purchasing both Toolbox and AutoSolve, head on over to AYCD to login and than go to the AutoSolve Dashboard.

  • On the dashboard, you will see two important boxes: one that has your "Access Token" and another that has the "AutoSolve Bot API Keys"

Access Token:

  • The access token is required to run AutoSolve. To copy the access token, simply click the box that says "Copy Access Token"

AutoSolve Bot API Keys:

  • Next you will want to create an AuotSolve API key for Prism. To do this, click the create button and name the API key. Next, find the newly created key in the drop down menu and click the copy button.

Adding Access Token + API Key to Prism:

  • AutoSolve setup can be accessed via the harvesters section in the settings tab of the bot. In order to add your AutoSolve keys, you first must create a new harvester in the top right. Upon creating a new harvester, you must change the type to "AutoSolve"

  • After you have done that, you will paste your API key and access token above into their corresponding boxes.

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