There is a high likelihood that Walmart will require accounts to checkout limited items such as PS5s and Xbox. There are three way an account will be used.

  • If an account is selected in the tasks, it will login with that account

  • If not, it will create an account using the catchall set in the task

  • If no catchall or account is set, it will autogen an account based on email on the profile (if Gmail will use +xxx trick, otherwise completely random Gmail)

In order to use accounts to checkout, click the "Use Account" toggle when creating the task

Importing Premade Accounts:

  • If you would like to use already created Walmart accounts, you can import them via the "Accounts" tab in the settings tab of the bot.

  • Upon successfully adding accounts, you will be able to select your premade account.

Using a Catchall to Create Accounts:

  • If you would like the bot to create an account using a catchall, select the "Catchall" button when creating tasks.

  • Input your catchall with no @ and the bot will create an account when the product is added to cart.


Does the email on the account need to match the email in the profile?

  • It does not. At this moment Walmart does not seem to care.

Is a differe

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