In order to start creating Yeezy Supply tasks, you need to create a new task group. This can be done by navigating to the "Tasks" tab in the bot and clicking on "New Task Group +". From there, name your group to a name of your choice and choose Yeezy Supply in the store list.

Example of Creating A Task Group:

From there, you will want to use the SKU of the product provided by our release guides or can be found at the end or the URL. Using a URL will not work.

Take this link for example:

The monitor input would be: GX5049

Next, you will want to navigate to the "+" icon to create a task. Upon clicking on that icon, a menu will be prompted to choose your profiles, error delay, task quantity, checkout proxy, and sizes. Fill out all the boxes with your desired information and click "create" to create your task(s).

After that, you will want to choose your monitor proxy list. Lastly, you will want to choose your delay. The default monitor delay is 3000 and it is recommended to keep that delay for the entire duration of the drop.


  • In order to pass the Yeezy Supply splash, you must have 1-2 Google accounts with a V3 score of 0.9.

  • You can check the score of your Gmail by logging into your Google account and going to this site.

  • There will be no "Captcha" for you to solve. For those unaware, V3 captcha means that there is nothing to solve as it is based on the V3 score. Just have your harvesters open and leave them be.

Captcha Harvesters:

  • You MUST have 1 to 2 Yeezy Supply captcha harvesters open and SIGNED IN to a Gmail with a 0.9 V3 score.

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