What delays should I use?

  • Monitor delays: 3500-5000ms

  • Task/Error delays: 3500-5000ms

When should I start tasks?

  • If there is a set release time, start tasks 1-2 minutes prior.

  • If a drop time is not announced, you can run for restocks 24/7 but we suggest raising your delays to 8000ms+ (at your own risk).

Does Pokemon Center cancel a lot?

  • Pokemon Center is not known to cancel a ton of orders like other retailers and people have reported successfully getting multiple orders shipped using the same billing profile. However on other more high profile releases, they set a one per customer limit so be aware of this.

What is the maximum item quantity that I can use per task?

  • Usually, the maximum item quantity for high profile releases is 4. This is subject to change at any time by Pokemon Center. Therefor, we recommend having some tasks set to 1 item quantity and others at however many you want.

What type of proxies should I use?

  • We recommend using unbanned DC/ISP or residential proxies

What captcha source should I use?

  • We recommend using the in-bot default harvester if there is a set release time. If you are running for restocks or do not know the release time, you can use third party captcha services that are working well for you.

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