Footsite Status Codes:

Waiting for Product:

  • The task is waiting for the monitor to pickup the product. If you are stuck here but the drop is live, change your monitor proxies.

Waiting xxhr xxm xxs:

  • This means that the task is waiting for the countdown on the site to end.


  • For most footsites drops, they will put up a queue and slowly let tasks/users through. This status is perfectly normal and you must let the bot run.

Queue (Perma):

  • During high-traffic periods, footsites will put up a permeant (perma) queue. This status means that they are not allowing anyone to pass the queue and access the product page.

Out of Stock, retrying...:

  • This is the most important status and is what you want most of your tasks to be at. Footsites release stock over time, and not at once, so this status means that the task is continuing to try and add the product to cart until they add more stock.

Generating Session:

  • One of the first statuses you will see will be generating session. Each task must generate a session. If you find your tasks stuck on this status, you must change your proxies.

Solving Datadome:

  • Your tasks are waiting for you to solve the Datadome captcha. If you are stuck there, stop using third party solvers and solve the captcha.

IP Banned:

  • IP Banned means that the proxy or IP address you are using in the bot is banned and cannot access the product page. For the most part, the only way to fix this status is to change proxies.

Rate Limited:

  • Rate limit occurs when you are sending too many requests from a single IP address. Some proxies are rate limited by default so make sure to test your proxies before the drop.

Proxy Error:

  • Proxy error means bad proxy. Change your proxy list.

Request Timed Out:

  • This error means that the task could not establish a connection to the site. Causes for this include slow proxies and a site that is under a lot of traffic.

Error Adding to Cart:

  • Sometimes a size will give an error when you try to add to cart via the bot or even manually. If you see this error, just let it run.

Unknown Response [400]:

  • Means that the site could not load. Change your proxies.

Unknown Response [403]:

  • Another way to say rate limited. Change proxies if you encounter this.

Unknown Response [404]:

  • Means that the site or page is not found. This is a site issue and nothing you can do to fix.

Unknown Response [502]:

  • Site error or bad proxies.

Unknown Response [503]:

  • Site error or bad proxies.

Task Crashed:

  • Rarely occurs but can happen. Open a ticket if you get this error.

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