Note before proceeding: PLEASE READ ALL OF THE FOOTSITE MODULE GUIDES HERE. This guide will not walk you through task creation and basic setup, it is intended to provide a more in-depth view into footsites.


Whether it is your first footsite drop or you are struggling to have success with Prism, this guide is intended to walk you through what an initial footsite drop will be like and what to do to have the best chances of success.

Before running footsites, you MUST understand that the current state of footsites is very poor. Releases take hours, residential data is destroyed, ISP/DC proxies get rate limited quickly, the site can't handle the traffic, DataDome captchas are never ending, and even if you are able to cop a pair, it is quite likely you will receive the dreaded payment verification (cancel) email. In order to be successful on these site, you must have patience and be adaptable as no two drops will be the same. With that being said, footsites do receive a lot of stock so if you can continue to learn and improve, you will be in a good position for future releases.

There are four main categories that lead to footsite success. They are:

1.) Proxies, proxies, and more proxies!

2.) Task group, task count, and delays

3.) Captchas

4.) Understanding the errors of the release

Understanding all these categories is key in order to be successful on footsites. If you want to skip to a certain section, click on whichever section you want to go to above.


  • When it comes to initial footsite releases, proxies often the most important thing that contributes to success. For the most part, their are two types of proxies used on footsites: ISP/DC and residential proxies.

Proxy F.A.Q:

How many ISP proxies do I need?

  • This differs from person to person and depends on how many tasks using ISP proxies you want to run. Some users will run 25 tasks with 25 ISP proxies, others will run 1000 tasks on 1000 ISP proxies. The more ISP proxies you have, the better your chances of hitting are on releases where footsite proxy protection is not up. Now you may be asking yourself, "how will I know if footsite proxy protection is up?" Well, the simple answer is you don't know. It is best practice to run every proxy type and provider you have as we don't know which proxies will work and which ones won't.

Should I run ISP or residential proxies?

  • With the current state of footsites, it is best to diversify. That means to run BOTH ISP and residential proxies from a variety of different providers.

Why am I getting Proxy Error?

  • Proxy Error is just that, an error with your proxies. This status typically occurs with residential proxies as during drop time the residential networks will crash. Unfortunately the only way to fix this is to wait for servers to come back online or switch to a different proxy provider, NOT generate a new list.

Why am I getting Rate Limited?

  • In simple terms Rate Limited means your proxy is banned. This is typically a temporary ban and can last a few hours to a few weeks. However, extreme abuse of proxies will lead to a permeant ban. Just like with Proxy Error, the only way to fix this is to switch to a different proxy provider, NOT generate a new list if you are using residential proxies.

Why are my tasks stuck on Generating Session?

  • Stuck on Generating Session is just like Proxy Error. If you are stuck here, it likely means your proxy provider is no longer working or is experiencing significant degraded performance. The only way to fix this is to wait for servers to come back online or switch to a different proxy provider, NOT generate a new list.

How any gigabytes of residential data will I need?

  • This is impossible for us to say due to how unpredictable footsites are. Some drops will use a couple gigabytes, others will use dozens. Many providers offer non-expiring data so be sure to take advantage of that as with that, it is better to have leftover data then run out mid drop.

Should I use Rotate Proxy?

  • If there is a queue up on the site, no! If you are confused on if queue is up on the site or not, head over to the product page manually and see if queue is up. In short, don't run it on initial drop and also don't run it when there is a restock with queue up. This includes restocks with queue-it, which is a specific style of queue. Also, you must have a large residential proxy list to run it (5:1 proxy:task ratio is safe). It is not recommended to run it with ISPs.

Why did by residential data drain so fast?

  • Unfortunately, this is just how footsites are right now. Their queue GIF can drain all your data in a matter of minutes. If you see your tasks go to Queue (Perma), we recommend stopping most of your residential proxy tasks as that status will drain data.

What proxy provider works best with Prism?

  • Many proxy providers work well with Prism. We don't give specific recommendations, but feel free to check the #success-setups channel in the Discord to see what has been working for other users.

Can my monitor proxy list be the same proxy list I use for tasks?

  • Yes it can be.

Can I use ISP proxies to monitor a task group with residental proxies being used for the tasks?

  • Yes.

Should I use ISP or residential proxies to monitor for footsites?

  • ISP are recommended but if your's are banned, use residential proxies.

Task Groups, Task Count, and Delays:

  • These three things work hand in hand in your success on footsites.

Task Groups, Task Count, and Delays F.A.Q:

How many task groups should I run?

  • This is completely up to you. Most users make a new task group and use a specific proxy list in it to keep thing organized but you can fun a few or you can run twenty task groups, it does not matter.

Should I use one task group?

  • There is no longer a benefit to run all tasks for a site in a single task group. You still can if you want to, but it serves no benefit.

Why doesn't the photo of the product show in my task group?

  • The primary reason this happens is because your tasks and/or monitor threads are stuck in queue. If you see all your tasks in queue, that is the reason no photo is in the monitor input. If your tasks do pass queue and you see Waiting for Product, make sure you are running the correct site and have the correct monitor input. Lastly, if you see a lot of proxy error and rate limits, your tasks will not be able to pickup the product.

How many tasks should I run?

  • For most initial footsite drops, it comes down to a numbers game. If you are running a 100 tasks, I am sorry to say but your chances of hitting are very low as you are competing against others running thousands of tasks. There is no perfect number of tasks to run as it differs from user to user. The best way to figure out how many tasks you can run is to test! If you start to see a lot of request timed out errors stop some tasks as that means you may have maxed out your internet.

How many tasks is too much?

  • Although Prism can handle tens of thousands of tasks, that DOES NOT mean you should run that many. If you run that many, you will likely crash your internet and give unnecessary traffic to your proxies. One way to know if you crashed your internet is if you see a lot of request timed out errors or webpages no longer load.

What should my initial delays be?

  • Monitor: 5000

  • Task: 5000

What should my restock delays be?

  • Monitor: 8000+

  • Task: 5000


  • Footsites utilize a service called DataDome to help mitigate traffic. Part of DataDome is solving captchas when your IP has been flagged. Solving captchas on footsites is completely normal.

Captcha F.A.Q:

What captcha setting should I use?

  • It is up to you. Come drop time, we recommend a mixture of default and third-party solutions.

What is Default?

  • Using Default means you are going to solve the captchas manually. In order to do so, you must open several Footsite harvesters in the captcha setting of the bot.

What is a third-party solution?

  • Capmonster, 2Captcha, Anti-Captcha, and AutoSolve are thrid-party solutions. For more info on setup, refer to the guides found here.

Why are my tasks stuck on Solving Datadome?

  • This means your tasks are waiting for a captcha to be solved. If you are running third-party solutions, this step can take minutes during drop time just due to the shear amount of captchas they are having to solve. There is nothing you can do to fix this besides letting it run.

Why am I getting fading captchas when running Default?

  • Your Gmails are not good. Fading captchas are an indication of a flagged Gmail.

How many default harvesters do I need?

  • 3-5 if running default.

Should I use multiple third-party API keys?

  • It is up to you. Running multiple keys has lead to faster solve times though.

If I use multiple API keys, how will the captchas be split?

  • The bot will rotate captcha requests between however many keys you have.

How much money do I need to add to a key?

  • $5.00 is a good amount.

Can I use two different third-party solutions in the same task group?

  • No.

Understanding Status Error Codes:

  • On footsite drops, there are going to be errors. Errors are a given on releases now. In order to be a successful on footsites, you must understand what the error codes mean and how to react. We have a guide for all errors so be sure to check that out here as below are only a few error codes. If you don't know what your tasks are doing, you can't be successful on drops.

Partial Error Code List:

Waiting for Product:

  • The task is waiting for the monitor to pickup the product. I

  • Response: If you are stuck here but the drop is live, change your monitor proxies.

Waiting xxhr xxm xxs:

  • This means that the task is waiting for the countdown on the site to end.

  • Response: Completely normal, just let tasks run.


  • For most footsites drops, they will put up a queue and slowly let tasks/users through.

  • Response: Completely normal, just let tasks run.

Queue (Perma):

  • During high-traffic periods, footsites will put up a permeant (perma) queue. This status means that they are not allowing anyone to pass the queue and access the product page.

  • Response: Stop some residential tasks to save some data.

Out of Stock, retrying...:

  • This is the most important status and is what you want most of your tasks to be at. Footsites release stock over time, and not at once, so this status means that the task is continuing to try and add the product to cart until they add more stock.

  • Response: This is right where you want to be. Continue to let tasks run.

Generating Session:

  • One of the first statuses you will see will be generating session. Each task must generate a session.

  • Response: If you find your tasks stuck on this status, you must change your proxy provider, NOT generate a new proxy list.

Solving Datadome:

  • Your tasks are waiting for you to solve the Datadome captcha.

  • Response: If you are stuck there, stop using third party solvers and solve the captcha.

IP Banned:

  • IP Banned means that the proxy or IP address you are using in the bot is banned and cannot access the product page.

  • Response: Change proxies.

Rate Limited:

  • Rate limit occurs when you are sending too many requests from a single IP address. Some proxies are rate limited by default so make sure to test your proxies before the drop.

  • Response: Change proxies.

Proxy Error:

  • Proxy error means bad proxy.

  • Response: Change proxies.

Request Timed Out:

  • This error means that the task could not establish a connection to the site. Causes for this include slow proxies and a site that is under a lot of traffic. Can also mean you maxed out your internet too.

  • Response: Change proxies and/or run less tasks.

Error Adding to Cart:

  • Sometimes a size will give an error when you try to add to cart via the bot or even manually.

  • Response: Let tasks run.


Footsite releases are hard. They are long and they force you to stay level-headed. It is important to understand that you will probably miss some drops and that is OK. But just because they are hard, does not mean you can't try and have great success on them. If you find yourself continuing to struggle on releases, it might be best to read this guide over again as there is a lot of information in here that is easy to miss. As always though, if you need more help please ask in #support or open a ticket in the Discord prior to the release so we can help you get back on the right bath. Best of luck on any future footsite drops!
- PrismAIO Team

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