Note before proceeding: PLEASE READ ALL OF THE YEEZY SUPPLY MODULE GUIDES HERE. This guide will not walk you through task creation and basic setup, it is intended to provide a more in-depth view into Yeezy Supply.


Whether it's your first Yeezy Supply drop or you are struggling to have success with Prism, this guide is intended to walk you through what an initial Yeezy Supply drop will be like and what to do to have the best chances of success.

Yeezy Supply is considered one of the best sites to bot due to the easy setup and often smooth release process. On top of that, they typically have the most stock and always get the limited Yeezys. Shoes are dropped using a queue and tasks are required to pass the queue in order to add the product to cart and checkout. Once you understand the little intricacies of setting up, future Yeezy Supply releases should be pretty straight forward.

For Yeezy Supply, there are three main categories that lead to success. They are:

1.) Captchas

2.) Proxies

3.) General Setup Procedures + F.A.Q

Understanding all these categories is key in order to be successful on Yeezy Supply. If you want to skip to a certain section, click on whichever section you want to go to above.


  • When it comes to Yeezy Supply releases, quality Gmails are often the most important contributor to success. In order to pass queue, a V3 captcha token is requested by the site and is used by all tasks to pass. The only way to get these tokens and successfully pass queue is to use Gmails with a good V3 score.

Captchas F.A.Q:

How many harvesters do I need?

  • 1-2 total harvesters at a minimum. The more the better though.

What ratio of harvesters to tasks is recommended?

  • There is no ratio. 1-2 total harvesters at a minimum but the more the better.

What if I don't have a 0.9 V3 score Gmail?

  • If your Gmail is not showing a score of 0.9, still run them. Scores differ greatly from testing site to testing site so we would recommend still running them as you will likely be able to pass the queue.

Why are there no captchas to solve?

  • Yeezy Supply captchas do not need to be solved so there will be no images to click/solve. V3 captcha means that there is nothing to solve as it is based on the V3 score. Just have your harvesters open and leave them be.

Do I need proxies in my harvesters?

  • Yes! If running more than 1 harvester, you must have proxies in the harvesters.

If my captcha proxies are banned on Yeezy Supply, can I still use them for my harvesters?

  • Yes you can still use them.

Do I need to be signed in to my harvesters?

  • Yes! Each harvester must be signed into a Gmail for optimal results.

What captcha source should I use?

  • We recommend Default.

Can I use 2Captcha/Anti-Captcha/Cap Monster?

  • We highly advise against using them.

Does AYCD AutoSolve work?

  • Yes it does. For more info on how to setup AYCD, refer to the guide here.

If I use AYCD AutoSolve, do I still need to open in-bot harvesters?

  • No. As long as you set the captcha source to AutoSolve, you do not need to open harvesters in Prism.


  • While important, they are not nearly important as captchas.

Proxy F.A.Q:

Should I run ISP or residential proxies?

  • For Yeezy Supply both work so we highly recommend running a mix or ISP and residential proxies.

How many proxies do I need?

  • Ideally, run 1 proxy per 1 task. But users have ran 1 proxy for 2-3 tasks and have had no issues.

What proxy provider works best with Prism?

  • Many proxy providers work well with Prism. We don't give specific recommendations, but feel free to check the #success-setups channel in the Discord to see what has been working for other users.

Can my monitor proxy list be the same proxy list I use for tasks?

  • Yes it can be.

Can I use ISP proxies to monitor a task group with residential proxies being used for the tasks?

  • Yes.

Does Yeezy Supply use a lot of residential data?

  • Typically they do not. If you are familiar with footsites, you would know they use a ton of data but Yeezy Supply does not use nearly that much.

Should I use ISP or residential proxies to monitor for Yeezy Supply?

  • It doesn't matter if you use ISP or residential proxies. Both will work fine.

General Setup Procedures + F.A.Q:

  • Below are just general setup questions and answers.

General F.A.Q:

What delays should I run?

  • Monitor: 3000

  • Task: 3000

Should I run Yeezy Supply local or on a server?

  • If you want to run a lot of tasks (800-1000+), we recommend using a server. Beyond that, there is no way to say how many tasks your device can handle.

What does Unknown Response [400] mean?

  • This typically means your zip code has been banned. If you see this, there is nothing you can do to fix this besides shipping to a different address.

How many tasks can I run?

  • There is no way for us to say. You have to test your setup to determine that.

How do I know if I passed queue?

  • A passed queue webhook will be sent to your success webhook.

Why can't I pass splash/queue?

  • If you are seeing others checking out and you cannot pass splash, that typically means your Gmail scores are too low. If no one is passing splash, that is normal and you should just let tasks run.

Why doesn't the photo of the shoe show up in my monitor?

  • The photo will only show up if you have passed splash. If it is not there, that means you have not passed splash.

What does Payment Failure mean?

  • Typically this means the product was out of stock or you got hit with a fraud decline. In the case of a fraud decline, try changing your profiles around.

What does setting cookies mean?

  • This is completely normal and you should let tasks run. If you are stuck here, that is also normal. If you see this in conjunction with getting availability, that is also completely normal.

What does max cookie attempts mean?

  • This means your tasks failed to generate a cookie. If you see this, there is nothing you can do to fix it.

When should I start tasks?

  • Tasks should be started when the sale is live. Staff with typically ping when this happens.

What does Open Browser mean?

  • Open browser means you need to open the task browser and complete your 3DS verification. A webhook will also be sent to your success webhook.


Yeezy Supply releases are pretty straight forward. Once you have the basics down, it is all about passing splash. As always though, if you need more help please ask in #support or open a ticket in the Discord prior to the release so we can help you get back on the right bath. Best of luck on any future Yeezy Supply drops!
- PrismAIO Team

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