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  • Before setting up automations, make sure all of your quick task settings in "Site Options" are filled in. This ensures that your tasks will function properly when running for sites other then footsites.

  • After all of your site options are filled in, navigate to the automations tab.

  • Once in the tab, you are ready to create your first automation.

General Section:

  • Here is where all automations will be created. The first section is the "General" section.

  • First, name your automation. Next, add your monitor inputs.

Monitor Inputs:

  • This is where you want to put the products you want to monitor for. Whether it be PIDs or keywords, this section covers both. You are allowed one monitor input per line (similar to variants).

Automations Section:

  • Automations will automatically monitor products using the monitors in the Discord. If you would like to monitor the checkouts channel on top of the third party monitors, enable "Monitor Checkouts"

  • START AFTER X CHECKOUTS: This determines when, after how many logged checkouts in Prism within a 15 minute window, to start tasks.

  • STOP AFTER X MINUTES OF NO CHECKOUTS: This determines when, after how many minutes of no checkouts, to stop tasks.

  • STOP AFTER X MINUTES: This determines when, after how many minutes regardless of how many checkouts have come in, to stop tasks.

  • Selecting Sites:

    • Here, you can choose to monitor only a select few sites or all sites at once. Be careful with your keywords if using all sites as you don't want to pickup the wrong product.

Task Data Section:

  • The task data section only applies when running "Create Groups" on footsites.

  • Under this section is where you will select the sizes, the profiles, and the proxies you want used.

Suggested Site Setup:



  • You can use either "Create Groups" or "Select Groups"

  • For sites, it is best to "Use All Sites" but be careful with your keywords

  • For shopify, tasks will immediately start when the monitor pings rather then waiting for a checkout to come in

Monitor Pop-out:

  • The monitor pop-out is a quick and easy way to watch the Prism checkout logs, as well as the monitors. To access the monitor pop-out, click the "Monitor" button near the top-right of Prism.

Checkout Feed:

  • The checkout feed consists of Prism's checkout log and is updated in real time


  • The monitor section consists of the unfiltered shopify section and is also updated in real time.

Quick Tasks:

  • In both the checkout feed and monitor section, there is a size option and paperclip option. Clicking the size will create a quick task, clicking the paperclip will copy the URL of the product to the clipboard.


What products can I monitor?

  • You can monitor PIDs, keywords, and links (for sites that support it). You cannot monitor variants for a product.

How many products can I monitor?

  • You can monitor as many products as you want to.

Will my data be used when using automations?

  • Your data will only be used once tasks start.

What does "Monitor Checkouts" do?

  • It monitors the #checkouts channel in the PrismAIO Discord. After Prism checkout the number set in your automations settings, a quick task will be made for the monitored product.

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