The renewal price is $150 every 3 months, which starts the day the bot is purchased. Failure to renew within 2-weeks after your expiration date will result in the renewal price increasing to $300 for the first billing cycle. All renewal information is handled through the dashboard. There, you can find your renewal date and the button to press to initiate the purchase.

You can renew by clicking the green "Renew" button where you will then be redirected to input your payment information and renew. Upon successful payment, the license will be extended by 3 months.


  • PrismAIO can be renewed at any time. Once renewed, an additional 3 months will be added to the current expiration date. If you choose not to renew, your account will not be destroyed meaning you can renew at any point in the future. However, after a 1 day grace period, you will lose access to the bot and Discord. In order to regain access back to these, you must renew. 

  • All payment processing is handled by Stripe and we do not store any information.

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