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  • Uninstalling will permanently delete all of your data in the bot. If done correctly, you will be starting fresh.
Start Here
  • Click the tab corresponding to the device you are reinstalling PrismAIO on.
  1. 1.
    Go to your Windows settings page and click on the systems option.
2. Click on the "Apps and Features" tab and locate the PrismAIO application. Click uninstall.
3. Then go to your desktop and click CTRL + R on your keyboard to open the run window. Type into the box: %appdata% and press OK.
4. Scroll down and locate the PrismAIO folder. Right click the folder and click delete.
5. Then click on the AppData folder up top. You should see the Local, LocalLow, and Roaming folder. Click the Local folder and locate the prismaio-updater folder. Right click the folder and press delete.
6. You are now ready to do a fresh install from the dashboard. For best performance, we suggest you restart your system before re-installing. When you are ready to re-install, please log into the dashboard and choose the windows icon below to re-install.
  1. 1.
    Navigate to finder and once you are in finder, move your cursor all the way to the top of your computer and find "Go" and click on it.
2. While in the go menu, hold the "Option" key to reveal a folder called "Library"
3. Navigate to the "Application Support" and than to "PrismAIO"
4. Right click the "PrismAIO" and click "Move To Trash"
5. After moving that folder to the trash, you can proceed by re-downloading via the dashboard.