Create and Manage Captcha Harvesters

  • Captcha harvesters can be accessed via the "Harvesters" section which is located in the setting page of the bot or by clicking "Captcha" in the top right-hand section of the bot.


  • Once in the "Harvesters" tab, you can create new harvesters by clicking on the "Create" button which is located near the top right-hand corner of the bot.

Logging In

  • Log in by clicking the middle button (Google icon)

Change Captcha Settings in Task Groups

  • With the addition of third-party harvesters, you must change your task group captcha settings in order to use them. This can be done by fully opening the task group and looking on the left-hand side. There is a file called "Captcha Settings." Click on it to expand it.

Uses regular harvesters and requires you to manually solve captchas.

Third Party Captcha Solutions

Use the other columns for help on setting up third party captcha solutions. To the right of this tab, you will notice four different tabs corresponding to a different captcha solution. While they are very similar in nature, it's best to have API keys for each third party to ensure you are covered on drop day.


Do I need to use proxies?

  • Yes. If you are using more than one harvester, you must use proxies. Note: Shopify harvesters DO NOT need proxies.

Does each harvester need to have a different email?

  • Yes. If you are using more than one harvester, you need to make sure each harvester is logged into a different account.

What is the difference between "Shopify Checkout" and "Shopify Checkpoint"?

  • "Shopify Checkout" will only show a captcha if it is a checkout captcha.

  • "Shopify Checkpoint" will only show a captcha if it is a checkpoint captcha.

  • In order to successfully checkout on Shopify sites with anti-bot, you need to have at least 1 of each harvester open.

Do I need to login to my harvester every time I open the bot?

  • No. Once you are logged into the harvester, your account will not be logged out.

Can I select multiple captcha sources per task group?

  • No. Each task group can only have one captcha source.

Which harvester types should I use?

  • Below is a table displaying what harvester types is recommended.

Use any third party solution (2Captcha, Anti-Captcha, CapMonster, and/or AutoSolve) all work the fine/ the same.

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