Transferring Account

Transferring Account

  • Transferring account will transfer your PrismAIO license from your account and remove you from the discord.

To transfer your account, press the Request button that corresponds to the Account Transfer column.

This will open a popup where you can input the email that belongs to the account you want to transfer to.

Press "Transfer." If you have two-factor authentication enabled, you will have to complete that as well.

The email you put in must belong to an account. If no account exists for the email you want to transfer to, please sign up at

Both you and the recipient will receive an email with a link that you have to press in order to confirm the transfer.

After both you and the recipient click the link, the transfer will be complete.


What does "User transfer not found mean"?

  • This error means that you are trying to transfer to an email that is not an active Prism account. If you are getting this error, please create an account at and try the transfer again.

Why can't I transfer my account (Account not transferable)?

  • If you purchased from a restock or groupbuy, accounts are not allowed to be transferred for 3 months.

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