The automations tab allows for 24/7 monitoring of products without the risk of banning your proxies. Automations works by using our monitors to monitor products and if the monitors pickup a product that matches your inputted keywords or PID, your tasks will automatically be created and started.


Before setting up automations, make sure all of your quick task settings in "Site Options" are filled in. This ensures that your tasks will function properly when running for sites other then footsites.

Start by navigating to the automations tab.

General Section

Monitor Inputs

This is where you want to put the products you want to monitor for. Whether it be PIDs or keywords, this section covers both. You are allowed one monitor input per line (similar to variants). Follow the tabs below on properly formatting monitor inputs.

C4991004 C4991500 4991101M 75441201

Automation Section

Starting & Stopping

There are four parameters for starting tasks via automations. Only one parameter has to be checked, but you can enable multiple depending on the site.

Start on monitor (Shopify): starts tasks as soon as Prism's third-party monitor pings.

Start on checkpoint (Shopify): starts tasks as soon as Prism's third-party monitor pings that checkpoint on the site you are running goes up.

  • Stop when checkpoint goes down (Shopify): stops tasks when checkpoint is disabled on a site regardless of if the product dropped or not.

    • Create one empty group: create ONE task group with no monitor input when checkpoint goes up which allows you to mass link change to the product that dropped.

    • Create one group per link: creates one task group PER link in your automation group.

      • Depending on how many links you have, this can create a lot of tasks that can quickly become too many to manage so be careful!

Start on checkouts: starts tasks after Prism's checkouts surpass your set number of checkouts

Start on carts: starts tasks after Prism carts your set number globally.

Site Selection

  • You can choose to monitor only a select few sites or all sites at once. Be careful with your keywords/monitor inputs if using all sites as you don't want to pickup the wrong product.

Task Data Section

  • Under this section, choose your sizes, profiles or profile groups, proxy list, and task quantity per profile.

Monitor Pop Out

  • The monitor pop-out is a quick and easy way to watch the Prism checkout logs, as well as the monitors. To access the monitor pop-out, click the "Monitor" button near the top-right of Prism.

Checkout Feed: The checkout feed consists of Prism's checkout log and is updated in real time

Monitor: The monitor section consists of the unfiltered shopify section and is also updated in real time.

Quick Tasks:

  • In both the checkout feed and monitor section, there is a size option and paperclip option. Clicking the size will create a quick task, clicking the paperclip will copy the URL of the product to the clipboard.

Suggested Setups


  • Suggested SKU list can be found here.



  • To get notifications for automation start and stops, add a webhook to the Notification webhook spot in the settings tab.


What products can I monitor?

  • You can monitor PIDs, keywords, and links (for sites that support it). You cannot monitor variants for a product.

How many products can I monitor?

  • You can monitor as many products as you want to.

Will my data be used when using automations?

  • Your data will only be used once tasks start.

Can I use gift cards for footsites?

  • Yes. Select your gift card list in site options and automations will automatically use it.

Can I change my captcha source?

  • Yes. Select which captcha source you want in site options and automations will automatically use it.

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