Hibbett Restock Guide
  • Before setting up for Hibbett restocks, please familiarize your self with general task creation which can be found here.

Setting Up For Hibbett Restocks:

  • The fastest and most efficient way to run for Hibbett restocks is by using variants. Variants will be provided via share links for certain shoes in the Discord channel titled "run-for-restocks" which will be updated periodically.
  • Hibbett restocks occur in 30 minute intervals. Knowing the exact time they will restock is not possible so it is best to check monitors to see at what interval the product you are trying to go for is restocking.
  • In order to run restocks with variants, it is highly recommended to use the "Restock" feature to schedule the interval you want your tasks to start off of. For example, if the restock time is at xx:15 and xx:45, you would want to select 15 and 45 in PrismAIO.


Why am I getting retrying payment?
  • Retrying payment means that the product is out of stock and that the task is trying to submit the payment again in hopes that the product comes back in stock.
Should I use residential or datacenter proxies?
  • Hibbett can be very data intensive so it is highly recommended to get some clean datacenter or ISP proxies to run for restocks.
What delays should I run for restocks?
  • Speed plays a big factor in Hibbett restocks. For best chances on restocks, it is best to drop task delay to about 1000 right before the restock. Monitor delay does not matter if you are running with drop time. Note: DO NOT run 1000 24/7, only run it for a short period of time during a potential restock.
How long should I let my tasks run before stopping?
  • It is recommended to stop tasks about 1 minute after the potential restock.
Do I need to use the "Restock" feature?
  • In order to run for restocks using variants, it is highly recommended to use the "Restock" feature. If you choose to not run with it, the tasks will be slower as they will be waiting for the monitor to pickup the restock before attempting to submit payment where as if you use the "Restock" feature the bot knows exactly when to start trying to submit the payment.