Release Calendar

Located on the dashboard tab inside the bot, you will see a "Weekly Release Calendar" section. The release calendar is where you can find upcoming releases and create tasks for those releases with just a few clicks.

Using the Release Calendar

  1. Locate the date of the release and click on it.

  2. If the release has been added to the bot, you will see a photo and name of the release.

  3. Once you have located the item you want to attempt to go for, click on "See Details"

  4. Upon clicking it, you will see a window open that includes all the supported releases of the item. You will also see the time of the release which is based on your local time.

  5. Next, choose the site(s) you want to run PrismAIO on. Click on the "Create Group" button which will automatically create a group with the suggested monitor input, along with prompting you to create your tasks. If you choose not to create your tasks in that window, you can click the "View" button which will take you directly to the newly created task group.

Releases are updated at the beginning of every month. If a release is not there, rest assured it will be added to the calendar.

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