Task Creation

Task Group Creation

  • Before creating tasks, a task group must first be created. To create a task group, navigate to the Tasks Groups section and click New Task Group +

  • From there, name your group and choose the site you want to run on.

Only one site can be ran per task group. To run multiple sites, you must make multiple task groups.

Monitor Setup

  • The monitor section of a task group allows for easy mass-link-changing and allows users to get a better understanding of what their tasks are doing in real time.

Monitor Inputs

  • Monitor inputs are what PrismAIO uses when searching a website's sitemap to checkout a product. They are inputted under the "monitoring" section of the task group.

There are four types of monitor inputs accepted by PrismAIO: keywords, direct links, variants, and PID.

Some sites can only accept a specific type of monitor input so be sure to follow the module guides on how to properly setup those sites.

Task Group Monitoring

  • In PrismAIO, you will notice there is the option for two separate proxy groups and delays. In the monitoring section of the task group, that proxy list and delay box are used for monitoring only. Where as the proxy list and delay box displayed when creating a task are used for adding to cart and checking out a product.

Task Creation

  • After a task group has been created, tasks can be created by click the + icon at the top of the task group. Here, you can configure your tasks to what is needed to run the site. Depending on the site selected, different options will be available.

  • Profile(s) used when creating the task.

Editing Tasks

Changing Monitor Inputs

  • The monitor input can be easily changed by pasting the new monitor input over the old monitor input. Once pasted, the new monitor input will automatically save and tasks will begin to run for that.

Changing Task Data

  • Tasks can be easily edited by holding CTRL + A to highlight all tasks or CTRL + left click to select certain tasks to edit. Once you have the desired tasks selected, click Update All or Update Sel. in the top-right corner of the task group to update.

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