Accessing and Managing

Accessing your license is made easy through the dashboard. Here, you will find everything you need to know pertaining to your PrismAIO license. Anything form multi-factor authentication to renewal is handled via the dashboard. PrismAIO does not use a "key" based system. Instead, we use an account based system as that provides for ultimate security and ease of use.

The same account information used to login to the dashboard is the same login information used to login to the bot.


The home tab is where you can view your expiration date and checkout statistics.


The settings tab is where you can bind your Discord, deactivate your license, and transfer your account. In addition to that, there is a security tab where you can enable two factor authentication.


The download tab is where you can download the latest version of PrismAIO. The dashboard will detect which operating software you are trying to download too.

Password Reset

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