• Paste your webbook into the corresponding section and click save. To test the webbook, click test.

Paste your webhook into the corresponding section and click save. To test the webbook, click test.

Checkout Sound

  • The checkout sound is played on each successful checkout. A custom sound can be imported if in proper MP3 format.

3rd Party Integrations

Phillips Hue and Nanoleaf integration allows PrismAIO users to sync their Phillips Hue and Nanoleaf lighting systems to PrismAIO. Every time you successfully checkout, your lights will flash green. Any time you get a failure, the lights will flash red.

App Data

  • App data can be imported + exported. This will import or export all of your bot settings.

  • To import or export, click the corresponding button.

Site Options

  • Site options, also known as your quick task/default settings, are used for quick tasks and are partially used for Automations.

    • To configure global defaults, fill out all of the information under Configure Global Defaults and click save.

    • To configure site-specific defaults, first select a site at the top to configure defaults for that specific site.

Size Groups

  • Size groups can be used to speed up task creation. They allow you to select multiple sizes and group them together.

  • To create a group, name your group and click the sizes you want and click create.

Shipping Rates

  • Shipping rates are used to speed up Shopify checkout process but are not required.

  • To add a rate, click Create and name input the shipping rate or input product URL

    • If using Input Rate, simply copy the shipping rate and paste it in the shipping rate box.

    • If using Input Product URL, select a profile that will be used to grab the rate and use a product URL that is for a product similar in size and weight to the item you will be using the rate for.


  • Accounts are required for sites like Undefeated and optional for sites like Foot Locker.

  • To add an account, click Add. Next, choose the site you want to add accounts for and paste the email into the Login section and password into the Password section.

To mass input accounts, click Mass Inputand paste your accounts in the following format: Login:password Login:password Login:password


  • IMAP is used to automatically grab codes from your email(s) and submit them on sites like Yeezy Supply.

  • IMAP is best utilized if you are using a catchall or emails that forward to one primary email. If they do not go to one or a handful primary emails, you will have to sign in to every profile email under the IMAP section which is a lot of work.

Adding an Email

  • To add an email and sign in, first ensure your email is setup properly via the tabs below.

  • Click the corresponding tab for proper email setup

  • After you have properly setup your emails, click Add and choose the platform that your email uses. After that, add your username/email and password. Finally, click Create Login and you are all setup.


Gift Cards

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