Selling on BotBroker
Bot Broker is the safest and easiest way to sell Prism. They provide a seamless transaction that protects both the buyer and seller. Selling on BotBroker is easy!

Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

  • Scroll down until you are presented with the asks and bids. To sell PrismAIO, click on place an ask where you will then be directed to the sell page.

Step 4:

  • As PrismAIO uses a set of login credentials vs. a key, a request token is needed for BotBroker. To get this code, head over to the dashboard. Once there, find BotBroker section, as shown below:
Than click on the red "Request" button where you will be sent an email containing the code.

Step 5:

  • Copy that code and paste it in the key section on the listing page on BotBroker. Fill out the remaining information and confirm the listing!
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