Gift Cards

The purpose of using gift cards to checkout on footsites is to avoid credit card processing which in turn should help reduce PV (payment verification).

Purchasing Gift Cards

  • In order to add gift cards to the bot, you must purchase them. The best place to order gift cards is directly from their website which can be found here.

In order for the gift card function to be utilized correctly, you should have enough balance to cover an entire pair of shoes.

Adding Gift Cards to the Bot

  • After you have purchased your gift cards, head over to the settings tab in the bot. Once there, you will see a tab called "Gift Cards"

  • Once there, you will see the gift card hub where you can manage your gift card lists and check your balances.

Creating a Gift Card List

  • A gift card list can be created by choosing a name, assigning a site, and adding your cards. Card are added in card:pin:balance format. For example, if your card # is 6199111111119510 and your online pin # is 12345678, you would add it to the bot as 6199111111119510:12345678. If you don't want to check the balance, you can manually add it by adding the balance to the end of the card:pincombination. Each card and pin combo must be on its own line. Once you have your cards added, click the create button. A completed list is shown below.

  • If you click the $ sign, the bot will check the balance left on the giftcard. By clicking Balances, it will pull the balance for all your gift cards.

You must check your balance or add a balance manually for gift cards to work properly.

Assigning to Tasks

  • When creating tasks, you will see a gift card list section. Choose whichever gift card list you want to run.


How many giftcards do I need?

  • Unfortunately, there is no way to give a specific answer as it changes from user to user and from release to release. We recommend having enough in giftcards to cover your past release success as that can be a good indication on how you might preform on upcoming drops.

Can I use the same giftcard or giftcard list on all footsites?

  • Yes.

What happens if I run out of giftcards?

  • If the gift card cannot cover the entire purchase, the bot will use whatever amount is left on the gift card and will then cover the rest with the profile assigned to the task.

Do I need to check the balance?

  • Yes!

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