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  • The billing page can be accessed by clicking the profile option on the left-hand task bar.


  • To create a billing profile, press the + button near the top icons and a pop-up will appear.

General Tab

  • The general tab is where general profile information will go.
Profile Name
Cardholder Name
Card Number
Month EXP.
Year EXP.
  • Type in any name in to this box. We recommend you choose something that helps you identify which profile to use when creating tasks.
  • Enter in any email. We recommend have a unique email for each profile.
  • We recommend you use the name shown on your credit card/account.
  • Enter in your credit card number.
  • This value is typically found on the back of your credit card and is usually three digits. If you have an American Express card, this is found on the front of your card and is four digits.
  • This is shorthand for expiration month. Choose the month from the drop down options.
  • This is shorthand for expiration year. Choose the year from the drop down options.

Shipping Tab

  • The shipping tab is where shipping information will go.
First Name
Last Name
Address 2
Postal Code
  • Enter in your first name.
  • Enter in your last name.
  • Enter in your main address line.
  • Enter in your apartment, suite, etc.
  • Enter in your city name.
  • Enter in your phone number. Make sure that your number is correctly formatted in your country code.
  • Select one of the countries from the drop down list.
  • Select one of the states from the drop down list.
  • Enter in your postal code. If you have a space in your zip code, include it as way.
Billing Tab
  • This tab is where the billing address will go. If it is the same address as the shipping address, enable, Same As Shipping.

Profile Groups

  • Profile groups are designed to make it easier to mass select profiles.


  • To create a profile group, click Groups in the top-right corner of the billing/profile page.
  • To create a new group, click Create.
  • Once there, select the profiles you want to add my holding ctrl + click or shift + click
  • Lastly, name the group and click create.


  • Profiles can be imported and exported by clicking either of these buttons at the top of the billing/profile page. The left icon is to import, the right icon is to export.
Profiles must be converted to Prism format prior to being imported.


How many profiles do I need?
  • Ideally each task will have a unique profile.
How should I jig my profile?
  • Please refer to your cook group on how to properly jig.