• The billing page can be accessed by clicking the profile option on the left-hand task bar.


  • To create a billing profile, press the + button near the top icons and a pop-up will appear.

General Tab

  • The general tab is where general profile information will go.

  • Type in any name in to this box. We recommend you choose something that helps you identify which profile to use when creating tasks.

Shipping Tab

  • The shipping tab is where shipping information will go.

  • Enter in your first name.

Billing Tab

  • This tab is where the billing address will go. If it is the same address as the shipping address, enable, Same As Shipping.

Profile Groups

  • Profile groups are designed to make it easier to mass select profiles.


  • To create a profile group, click Groups in the top-right corner of the billing/profile page.

  • To create a new group, click Create.

  • Once there, select the profiles you want to add my holding ctrl + click or shift + click

  • Lastly, name the group and click create.


  • Profiles can be imported and exported by clicking either of these buttons at the top of the billing/profile page. The left icon is to import, the right icon is to export.

Profiles must be converted to Prism format prior to being imported.


How many profiles do I need?

  • Ideally each task will have a unique profile.

How should I jig my profile?

  • Please refer to your cook group on how to properly jig.

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