Multi SKU Monitoring

Multi SKU monitoring allows you to mass-monitor footsite products using your own monitor proxy and data. Unlike Automations, multi SKU monitoring will require users to use their proxies to monitor products. This is best utilized for those who want the fastest possible pickup time and can afford the data consumption and amount of ISP proxies necessary. Only works on restocks.

Multi SKU monitoring is for footsites only


  • Multi SKU can be enabled by heading to task group settings and clicking Enable Multi SKU

From there, you can now add multiple SKUs to the monitor input box

Only one SKU per line


Do I need proxies?

  • Yes! Multi SKU will use your monitor proxies to monitor for products.

How many proxies do I need?

  • 2+ proxies per SKU being monitored

Does it use my monitor proxy data?

  • Yes. It is recommended to only monitor with ISP/DC or unmetered proxies. Task data is not used until a product is picked up.

What happens if it picks up two products at the same time?

  • If two or more products pickup at the same time, the bot will go for whichever product is picked up first. After that product is sold out or if tasks are rotating Out of Stock, retrying..., it will randomly go to another product that you are monitoring for that is still in-stock. If no product is in-stock, tasks will go back to Waiting for Product/Restock

Should I use this on initial drop?

No. Multi SKU is meant for restocks. Never use it on initial drop.

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