Domain Change

  • Domain change releases often bring the most bot protection possible and involve changing to a completely new, often unknown site. To get started with a domain change release, create a task group for Shopify Domain Change

Task Creation

  • Task creation for domain change is the exact same as setting up on a regular Shopify site. For domain change, you will always always want to use Safe mode.

Monitor Setup

  • As soon as the product drops, you will want to add the product URL to the monitor input. It needs to be a direct product link if using the Shopify Domain Change site.

Browser Monitoring

  • For most domain change releases, you will want to have Browser Monitoring enabled. When enabled, a window will pop up where you have to manually add the product to cart once in order for the tasks to be able to add to cart.


What mode do I run?

  • Safe

What should my delays be?

  • Monitor: 3500

  • Task: 3500

Do I use browser monitoring?

  • For most releases, have browser monitoring enabled.

What captcha should I use?

  • Have several Shopify (Checkpoint) harvesters open.

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