Here is a section-by-section guide on how to navigate through your proxy lists in 2.0.

At the top left of the screen is the dropdown menu where you can access all of your proxy lists. Use the grey arrow pointing downwards to access the menu. Select which proxy list you want to access by clicking on it. Use the grey X to de-select your current list.

Underneath this shows the name of the proxy list you currently have selected. If you have no proxies within the bot, and want to make your first list, then simply type whatever you want to call it into this section and input the proxies below, pressing save once finished. Most proxy lists can be copy and pasted in the same format as they are delivered by your provider.

Once you have selected a proxy list you will see a more detailed view of it appear on the right hand side. This is the area you can use to test your proxy lists. You can select which site you would like to test the list on using the drop down menu, and click the test button to receive analysis of their individual response times. This is measured in milliseconds and is displayed where you can currently see "Connection Error" on each individual proxy. You can delete individual proxies which are banned or too slow by pressing the small red trash can next to the test result. Use the delete button on the top right to delete the entire list that is currently selected.

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