To access your task groups and tasks, press the second icon from the top on the left-hand side of the bot.

Once selected, you can now view all created task groups and tasks created for the task group that is currently selected.

If you right-click on a specific task group, you have the ability to start, stop, share, duplicate, delete, or edit the settings for all tasks within the group.

Here is a quick description of what each option does:

Start Tasks

  • Starts all tasks within the group.

Stop Tasks:

  • Stop all tasks within the group.

Share Group:

  • By clicking this option, you will automatically have a link copied. Share this link to anyone by pressing the paste button. This option allows one PrismAIO user to quickly share a set-up to another user. Once the link is clicked, a pop-up will appear asking if you would like to open PrismAIO in your main browser.

Click "Open PrismAIO" and your PrismAIO will automatically create a group with the site and monitor input already filled in and ready to go. You can create your tasks and edit your task settings quicker than ever now which allows you to set-up with ease!

Duplicate Group:

  • By clicking on this option, you create an identical copy of this group including the tasks within the group.

Delete Group:

  • This option will delete the selected task group(s).

Focusing back on the main task group tab, you can hold shift and click on different task groups to select multiple task groups at a time. Once the task groups have been highlighted, right click and you have the ability to start all tasks, stop tasks, share groups, duplicate groups, or delete groups that are highlighted.

Customizing Task Group Monitor Inputs

  • By double clicking on a specific task group, you have a more detailed view where users can customize the monitor settings.

Here is a description of what each monitoring value means:

Running: The number of tasks that are currently running/on.

Carted: The number of tasks that have carted the product.

Successful: The number of tasks that have successfully checked out the product.

Failed: The number of tasks that have failed to checkout.

Monitor Input:

  • This is either a keyword group, direct link, variant, or SKU. Please refer to the specific module guides on the proper input per module.

Proxy List:

  • This drop-down menu will show any proxy list that has already inputted into the Proxies tab. The proxy list selected will be used to monitor the site for whatever monitor input was entered.


  • This value determines the frequency that PrismAIO will monitor the site selected for the monitor input entered. This value is entered in milliseconds.


  • This drop-down is an easy way to view the status of your tasks within the task group. This is most beneficial for sites such as Finish Line where you may be running a large number of tasks and there are various steps before successfully checking out.


  • This setting allows you to schedule your tasks to automatically start without the user having to manually click start. This setting can also be beneficial if you have multiple task groups that are releasing at the same time. Enter a start time in the format of --:--:--AM/PM. The stop time is the time at which your tasks will automatically stop running and is in the same format.

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