Creating the Task Group:

  • In order to start creating Shopify tasks, you need to create a new task group. This can be done by navigating to the "Tasks" tab in the bot and clicking on "New Task Group +". From there, name your group to the name of your choice and choose which Shopify store you will want to run.

Task Creation:

  • Once your task group has been made, you can create tasks by clicking the "+" button. Fill in all of the required information and click create. For Shopify, you typically don't want to run a lot of tasks as you will quickly become overwhelmed with captchas.

How to Set a Monitor Input:


  • Keywords follow this format: +key,+word

  • Negative keywords can be added by using a - sign. For example: +key,+word,-bot. In this case the bot will not pickup any item containing key, word, AND bot.

Using Multiple Keyword Groups:

  • Multiple keyword groups can be setup by using parentheses. For example: (+key)(+word). In this case, the bot will pickup any product that contains key OR word.

Using a Direct Link:

  • A direct link can be used by pasting it directly into the monitor input. For example, if you wanted to run, you would add the entire link to a task group for the site Kith.

How to Use Variants:

  • Variants can be used by toggling the variants toggle. This can be done by accessing the task group settings (the three dots) and clicking "Toggle Variants" There you can add one or multiple variants (which need to be separated and be on their own line). When you have you variants added, you will notice that when you create a task it will allow you to choose one variant or use all the variants.

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