To access your quick task settings, press the last icon from the top on the left-hand side of the bot.

Once selected, you will be on the Site Options page which will allow you to enter your default settings for quick tasks. Here is a brief description of what each input is:


You can customize your default settings for specific sites by clicking on the "select Site" button and choosing from the drop-down menu. If you leave this empty, it will use whatever settings you enter below for all sites.


Select single or multiple profiles that you would like to PrismAIO to create a task for when you start quick task. You can also choose a profile group and PrismAIO will create a single task for every profile in that group when you initiate a QT.


You can choose a specific size, multiple sizes, or a size group for your QT settings. Please note that if you select multiple sizes, it will create a single task running with those sizes for every profile that you have selected. If you select a size group, it will create a single task for every size in the size group for each profile.

Proxy List:

Choose from any of your proxy lists to be used when initiating a quick task.

Shipping Rate:

Select a shipping rate that you have already saved to be automatically used when running a quick task.

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