In order to start creating Hibbett tasks, you need to create a new task group. This can be done by navigating to the "Tasks" tab in the bot and clicking on "New Task Group +". From there, name your group to a name of your choice and choose Hibbett in the store list.

Example of Creating A Task Group:

From there, you will want to use the product PID provided by our release guides or a third-party. Using a direct link will not work. The PID consists of the product sku and color ID. For example:

The PID (monitor input) for this link would be Q0936,1225

Next, you will want to navigate to the "+" icon to create a task. Upon clicking on that icon, a menu will be prompted to choose your profiles, error delay, task quantity, checkout proxy, and sizes. Fill out all the boxes with your desired information and click "create" to create your task(s).

After that, you will want to choose your monitor proxy list. Lastly, you will want to choose your delay. The default monitor delay is 3500 but it is recommended to drop the delay to about 1500 for drop time.

How To Use Variants:

Variants for Hibbett work very similar to Shopify variants in the sense that they are always faster than using using the PID methods. Variants will often be provided by staff, or can be found in third-parties. In order to setup variants, you need to setup the task groups too "Variant List." This can be done by navigating to the setting tab for the task group (the three little dots).

Next, you will want to click on "Toggle Variants" located at the bottom of the settings pop-up. Note: toggling variants will delete all existing tasks.

Setting Up Variant:

  • Once in variant mode, you will want to add the product PID (this is also the same one if you are running just PID). Next, you want to add your variants to the variants box. If running multiple variants, make sure each variant is on its own line.

  • After that, you want to go to create a task like normal. New to the task pop-up is the variant box. When you click on it, it will list all the variants that you have listed in the monitoring section of the bot. From there, you can either choose which variant you want to run or you can click "One Per Profile" or "All Per Profile". One per profile will assign one variant to a profile. All per profile will create a task for each variant for each profile. For example: if you have 7 variants, and 2 profiles, it will create 14 tasks.

Setting Up Drop Time:

  • When using variants, you need to add a drop time. The drop time of the product can be found on their site or in the in-bot monitor. If the drop is at 10:00:00, than set your drop time to 10:00:00.

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