Do both sites ship world wide?

Currently they only ship to the United States.

What type of proxies should I run?

Both sites tend to ban proxies pretty hard so it's best to run a mix of residential and data center proxies.

Why am I getting charges on "Payment Failure"?

Both Finish Line and JD Sports will place an authorization hold on your credit card prior to checking if they have any stock. So if you notice that you are getting a lot of charges but no success in the bot, just know that those charges are a result of the authorization placed by the site and are often dropped within a few hours.

Should I run mobile, desktop, or both?

It is highly recommended to run both versions of the site. During drop time, they will sometime drop one queue before they drop the other one. In that case, it is best to have both modes running so you are prepared for this and can hopefully have success.

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