Creating the Task Group:

In order to start creating Foot Locker EU tasks, you need to create a new task group. This can be done by navigating to the "Tasks" tab in the bot and clicking on "New Task Group +". From there, name your group to a name of your choice and choose which Foot Locker EU region you will want to run.

Example of Creating A Task Group:

From there, you will want to use the product PID provided by our release guides or a third-party. Using a direct link will not work. The PID can be found in the product URL link. For example:!searchCategory=all

The PID (monitor input) for this link would be 316701576304

Next, you will want to choose your monitor proxy list. Then, you will want to choose your delay. The default monitor delay is 4000. Closer to the drop, you should be lowering your delays to 1000-2000ms.

Next, it is time to determine your captcha settings.

Click the arrow located to the left of "Captcha Settings" to see a drop-down menu of different captcha source options. Essentially, this allows you to customize how you solve captchas for this task group. By choosing Default, this will use the footsite captcha windows that you have saved in the harvester tab and have open during the drop.

You can also choose to select any of the third-party captcha services that Prism supports. Please refer to this guide to learn how to set-up these services.

Creating Tasks:

To create a task, you will want to navigate to the "+" icon to create a task. Upon clicking on that icon, a menu will be prompted to choose your profiles, error delay, task quantity, checkout proxy, and sizes. Fill out all the boxes with your desired information and click "create" to create your task(s).

Sizing for Foot Locker EU:

  • Please note that Foot Locker EU in the bot only supports US sizing. Also, Foot Locker EU does not support random sizing so make sure to select specific sizes.

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