Snipes USA

  • Snipes USA is a US based retailer that releases many hyped releases. They load their products early and can be viewed prior to the drop, often with a countdown. Snipes USA currently only ships to the United States.

Task Creation

  • Before creating tasks, you must create a new task group for Snipes USA. For help on creating a new task group, follow this guide.

Monitor Setup

  • After creating a task group, you will want to use the product PID provided by our release guides or a third-party to the monitor input. The PID consists of the product PID in the title of the product.
      • The PID (monitor input) for this link would be 1000090047
Using a direct URL link will not work.
  • From there, create tasks like normal. For help on basic task creation, follow this guide.


  • Variants for Snipes USA work very similar to Shopify and Hibbett variants in the sense that they are faster than using using the PID methods. Variants will often be provided by staff, or can be found in third-parties. In order to setup variants, you need to to change the task group settings to use variants.
    • Task groups are automatically created in variant mode, which can be disabled in task group settings.

Setting Up Variants

  • You will want to add the product PID (this is also the same one if you are running just PID). Next, you want to add your variants to the variants box. If running multiple variants, make sure each variant is on its own line.


  • There are two modes for Snipes USA: fast and safe mode.
  • It is recommended to run BOTH fast and safe modes. Fast mode has a task limit of 200 tasks per copy while safe mode has no set task limit.
    • Start fast mode tasks 1 hour before the drop.
    • Start safe mode tasks 3-5 minutes before the drop.

Captcha Settings

  • Captchas will be needed for some of your tasks so we recommend using a third-party solution like CapMonster or 2Captcha to solve them. For information on how to set those up, refer to this guide.

Task Creation

Required Fields
Optional Fields
  • Profiles: choose your profiles/profile group
  • Delay: task delay. Recommended to be left at 3500 and drop the delay at drop time
  • Proxy List: proxy list used to checkout (leave blank for localhost)
  • Variant: when using variants, each task must be assigned a variant
  • Drop time: set this to the time of the release in your local time
  • Mode: mode the task will use to checkout
Make sure you have your drop time set! Failure to do so will result in tasks starting too early
  • N/A


Does Snipes USA cancel?
  • Typically Snipes USA does not cancel but we still recommend running multiple profiles.
When should I start tasks?
  • Fast Mode: Start tasks 1 hour before the drop
  • Safe Mode: Start tasks 3-5 minutes before the drop
What delays should I run?
  • Monitor: 3500
  • Task: Task delays should be dropped to 500-1000 at drop time.
What type of proxies should I run?
  • Datacenter and/or ISP proxies are the best proxies to run as for Snipes USA, speed is key.
How do I get Snipes variants?
  • Unless provided by staff or an outside group, Snipes USA variants are not easy to get so we do not provide support on how to get them. If there is a product you would like variants for, please ask in the support channel in the Discord.
Do I need to solve captcha?
  • Yes, for some of your tasks you will have to solve captchas. We recommend using a third-party solution like CapMonster or 2Captcha to solve them. For information on how to set those up, refer to this guide.